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Cockroach Control Services:

Preventive’s Cockroach Control Service provides total and effective control of cockroaches and other common household pests such as red and black ants/silverfish/spiders etc. In this service the highly potent active ingredient is applied at all cockroach hideouts. This results in control of cockroaches & other pests & gives sustained relief. Totally proven treatment, Nonmessy, Odorless and No need to vacate the premises during & after the service.

Termite Control Services
A. Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment/Services-

The top surface of the consolidated earth within the walls and top surface of the walls at Damp proof course level shall be treated with the chemical emulsion of the surface before the sand bed or sub grade is laid.


If emulsion gets soaked in the junction of wall and floor low pressure pump or garden watering can is to be used. If too hard compaction does not allow chemical to get soaked and run off is noticed, Roding to facilitate soaking shall be carried out along the junction of the walls and earth filling Emulsion shall then be sprayed along the wall junction.


After the building is complete, the earth along the external perimeter of the building should be rodded .All the soil after trenching or rodding should be thoroughly soaked with chemical.

B. Post-Construction Treatment/Services-

TERMITE treatment comprises drilling holes in the junction of floor and wall, soaking them with the termiticide and sealing them. This makes a completely undetectable chemical barrier around your property. Termites unknowingly forage through treated area, quickly passing the termiticide throughout their population. This leads faster control of termites. The detailed treatment process is The treatment comprises of drilling holes in the junction of floor and wall, filling them with the termiticide in sufficient quantity and sealing them,The termites enter the building through ground, and move upwards and sideways in search of food,Apart from the above, the treatment is also extended to the woodwork to maintain it,free from the termite attack in future.

Bedbug Control Service-

Preventive Bed bug Service treatment comprises of treating the all places where the bed bugs may be hiding On beds,Mattresses (mattress buttons) as well as the folds at the edges,Cracks and crevices in walls, bed frames, wall hangings, picture frames, night lamp stands, stuffed furniture, base boards, behind loose wall papers, light switches, door and window frames, conduits etc.

Rodent Control services

PREVENTIVE Rodent Management Services has been targeted to provide the total and effective control of rats and mice.

The new age RODENT Service is based on type of rodent’s species, extent of infestation & its spread. There is no single or one answer for rodent control. However, it’s a combination of baiting, trapping & proofing methods.

Features and benefits: The baits are placed in strategic locations where the rodents frequently visit,Use of Glue boards/traps etc is a part of rodent pest management operations and will be carried out wherever needed,RODENT treatment uses registered product,It is designed keeping human safety in mind,Targeted at total control.

PREVENTIVE experts will also suggest the sanitation and rodent proofing measures to be carried out from time to time to prevent the rodent entry in the premises.PREVENTIVE experts will continuously monitor the effectiveness of control strategy throughout the contract period.

Instruction of the clients: Note the treatment will be restricted to bed bug problem areas in bed rooms and living room (sofas and other sitting arrangements in it where bed bugs nest and breed),If there is patients or infants Or Allergic Person In the house Kindly shift them to another place at the time of treatment,Do not occupy the treated rooms for at least 2 hours,Ventilate the treated rooms at least for half an hour before they are occupied,To avoid the chemical contact with body use new/fresh bed sheet for covering the bed.

Mosquito Control Services

There are three approaches to control Mosquitoes i.e. larvicidal treatment, fogging and indoor residual adulticidal spray, if the larger area is to be covered.
The chemical will be without smell and non messy. It will leave a residue in the wall for effective control. We will be using safe and registered chemicals recommended for household / indoor application.

To have better results it is advised to take up following steps.

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